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My Dear Anna

A poetic love letter, written during a pandemic lockdown. Α true story.

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Τitle: My Dear Anna
Genre: Poetic Drama
Director: Panos Anestis
Writer: Panos Anestis
Producer: Panos Anestis
Country: Greece
Dialogues: Greek
Subtitles: English
Year of production: 2020
Duration: 2' 56”
Starring: Konstantinos Lagkos

Director's statement: A love letter in a digital era -and during a worldwide pandemic- would probably be "written" in the 9:16 aspect ratio: the last screen someone would see these days is probably that of their smartphone. In terms of story, my main references were Theo Angelopoulos' "Eternity & a Day" (1998) and Kunihiko Yuyama's "Windaria" (1986). The final part of my Trilogy of Women: "Narcissus" (2009), "Angels of Us" (2013) & "My Dear Anna" (2020). My most "personal" film so far.

Awards – Festivals:
- Best Experimental Film Award at Crown Wood International Film Festival 2020
- Best Experimental Film at Short Film Factory Bucharest 2020
- Honorable Mention at Berlin Flash Film Festival 2020
- Award of Merit for Best Experimental at Best Shorts Competition 2020
- Award of Merit for Original Score at Best Shorts Competition 2020
- Finalist at Rome Prisma Independent Film Awards 2020
- Official Selection at New York Movie Awards 2020
- Film Market Screening at Drama International Short Film Festival 2020

Additional Info

  • Καταλληλότητα: 12 +

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