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INSPIRE-TV® Online Festival

INSPIRE-TV® partners are the well established Cyprus International Film Festival, and Bridges International Film Festival, . Over the years we have had the privilege to work with hundreds of artists and filmmakers who have told wonderful stories. Many have gone on to make great films in different genres.

Our way of life has drastically changed due to the COVID-19 virus and the call for social distancing in 2020. These changes have challenged artists, filmmakers, venues and film festivals. In 2020 the charitable organization Cultural International Festivals accepted the challenges of the era and created the INSPIRE-TV Online Festival to provide a big screen for humanity, a home for independent artists and filmmakers and a community for a selective and demanding audience.


-Selected films will be offered the option of distribution to the new streaming platform INSPIRE-TV® that was launched in November 2020.
-Selected films are announced and promoted to distributors prior to the Festivals.
-Cultural event organizers and traditional film festivals are invited to stream their program on INSPIRE-TV® and the Inspire-TV® Online Festival worldwide. Geoblocking and DRM are available.
-Artists are able to present their portfolio to the international cultural and film market.
-INSPIRE-TV® keeps 10% of the film submission cost and other donations for the INSPIRE-TV Cultural Fund.
-Awarded film representatives are eligible to participate in the INSPIRE-TV® Gala Night event. INSPIRE-TV® Gala Night is a "red carpet" event networking live and online in Los Angeles, New York City, Cannes and other great film industry event areas. Participants include film industry professionals, celebrities and representatives of already awarded films at various festivals worldwide (IMDB award credit).

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