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Silent Ties

It is All Souls’ Day and Yiorgos communicates with his dead mother just before making the biggest decision in his life.

poster silent ties

Title: Silent Ties
Genre: Drama, Student
Rate: 8+
Director: George Leontakianakos
Script: George Leontakianakos, Alexandra Dyranis - Maounis
Producer: George Leontakianakos, Steven Gekas
Country: Greece
Dialogs: Greek
Subtitles: English
Production year: 2019
Runtime: 7'
Starring: Dimosthenes Filippas, May Sevastopoulou, Myrto Pavlakou

Director's statement: Since I was a young boy, I have personally experienced what it means to have a controlling mother. As this bond grows it becomes stronger and more toxic. It needs an immense amount of strength to break this bond. This doesn’t mean, however, that the mother-son relationship will then turn into one of hate. Actually, the exact opposite is true. Love will be born. At what age should a mother let her son go through the process of weaning? What are the consequences if she never stops him from needing her? Could the son be led to extreme acts due to the toxic relationship with his mother? These are the questions that led me to make this film. “Saddened Mother” is a short story written by Yorgos Skabardonis. Adapting it into a short film was a difficult challenge. Based on this short story and the concept of the symbiotic Mother-Son bond, we created a short screenplay. It is All Souls’ Day and Yorgos communicates with his dead mother just before making the biggest decision in his life. It is a drama-fantasy film and the main theme is the toxic relationship between a mother and her son.

The main character is Yiorgos and he wants to commit suicide. His need is to come to terms with his mother and get her approval before taking his own life. His dilemma is: “can I commit suicide anyway? With or without my mother’s approval?”. In the end he finds the strength to take control of his life. The mother’s goal is to prevent her son from committing suicide. The mother appears in three forms: The mother in the car: her goal is to not cover his need and thus prevent his suicide. The mother outside the car: her goal is to be a physical obstacle to his suicide. The little girl outside the car: her purpose is to bring out God's will - that is, for the mother not to interfere with her son's decision. The mother's dilemma is "to give or not to give my son permission to commit suicide."

The film’s narration is linear. Slow pace. Abstract directing through still shots. We see the story mainly through the eyes of our hero, Yorgos. I used natural light and the colors of the film are cold to exude isolation and confinement. The film's music was selected to reflect the worlds of the two characters. The song "You don’t talk to me" by Sotiria Bellou & Dimos Moutsis was chosen to dress the film's opening and final scenes. The goal of the film is to ignite a discussion about the toxic-redemptive relationship between a mother and her son as it moves through the realm of fantasy and realism.

-The Monthly Film Festival,
Glasgow, United Kingdom
Winner: 1.Student Film Of The Month & 2.The Audience Award

-Alternative Film Festival
Toronto, Canada
Semi - Finalist (Nominees Fall 2019 Edition - Best International Drama)

-Oniros Film Awards
Palais Saint – Vincent, Italy
Winner: 1.Best Drama, 2.Best Supporting Actress, 3.Best Screenplay - Honorable Mention: Best Producer & Nominated: 1.Best Indie Film, 2.Best Director, 3.Best Actor, 4.Best Editing (September 2019)

-Top Shorts
United States
Winner Best Indie Film - September 2019

-Picasso Einstein Buddha International Film Festival
Tiptop, Near Balaknath Temple, Tapovan Rishikesh - Badrinath Road Rishikesh Uttarakhand 249192, India
Winner: 1.Best Director & 2. Best Story Award

-BUENOS AIRES International Film Festival
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Winner Best Screenplay - Official Selection Best Director

-CROWN WOOD International Film Festival
Winner: 1. Best Director, 2. Best Actor & 3. Best Supporting Actor (Female) - Official Selection: 1. Student Film & 2. Editing - December 2019

-Best Actor Award
Aosta, Italy
Winner: 1. Best Actor in a Drama - Silver Award & 2. Best Young Actress (from 12 to 18 y.o.) - Bronze Award - November December 2019

-Virgin Spring Cinefest
Kolkata, India
Winner: 1.Film on Religion (Gold), 2.Short Film (Silver) & 3.Best Producer (Silver) - November 2019

Puerto la Cruz, Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic
Winner: 1. Best Indie Short Film & 2. Special Mention Supporting Actress Short Film: May Sevastopoulou - November 2019

-South Film and Arts Academy Festival
Burgos, Chile
Winner: Best Indie Short Film - November 2019

Additional Info

  • Καταλληλότητα: 8 +

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